The revision of the law began back in 2018. At that time, it was planned to tighten requirements imposed on renewable energy producers and abolish state support. On January 10 this year, the newly elected Parliament called the Ministry of Economics for the development of new regulations to scrap state support as of March 31, 2019.

The decision drew a broad response among both renewable energy industry representatives and allied sectors. Research and stakeholder surveys showed that such a rapid annulment of the state aid would cause most power plants receiving it to stop functioning, and lead to other severe economic consequences.

Having evaluated all information, the Cabinet of Ministers decided not to support a draft law on the annulment of the aid within the time specified by Parliament. The Ministry of Economics, in its turn, began the development of new amendments.

According to the industry representatives, a new bill does not include an effective solution, which would let power plants leave an old scheme and continue producing electric power and heat. In addition, there was no interaction between the Ministry and producers during the development of the draft law.

Consideration of the amendments — nearly 50 proposals, began on June 12, and only a part of them has been reviewed to date. The committee will continue its work on July 2.

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