Our company is an electric energy producer focusing on green energy production and its wide use, as well as new market development


Our vision is to be effective, to develop in accordance with modern standards, to increase company’s competitiveness at home and abroad


Our goal is to make the most use of our intellectual resources and experience to increase production and marketing capacity

The Latvian company ETB Ltd. has been dealing with wind energy production for more than 10 years. The company owns 7 wind-driven electric power stations with total capacity of 4.5 MW. The power stations are located in the rural area in 800 meters from the seashore and occupy a total area of about 30 hectares, which is also our property. The geographical location of the wind park - 56.696212о north latitude and 21.066440о east longitude - are ideally suited for wind energy production, since wind in these parts is an inexhaustible natural resource, which makes it possible to produce about 8 thousand megawatt hours of green electricity per year. Against this background, taking into account the experience of successful work in the industry, we see considerable potential for the development of the company - advanced technologies on the market of electricity production equipment allow to modernize production and sufficiently increase electricity production thus contributing to the development of alternative energy in general.