WEM Token Buyback Reminder

8 March 2019

We remind you that as of 1 March 2019 WEM buyback has begun.

The buyback is made in accordance with the terms of the smart contract at a fixed price of 0.0015 ETH for 1 WEM.

To receive funds, WEM holders should transfer their tokens to the smart contract address and automatically receive an amount of ETH that is corresponding to the quantity of WEM tokens.

WEM smart contract address:

Thank you for your support!

In case any problems should arise, please, connect us on wem@etb.lv.



Latvia is seeking to reform the state renewable energy production support system

15 August 2018

As part of a policy of seeking a reduction of State support to green energy production, the Ministry of Economics of Latvia has prepared a number of measures. The measures include, among others, renewing of 15% taxation of subsidized electricity and limitation of the internal rate of return. The Government will consider the Ministry’s proposal.

On Monday, 13 August, during the discussion at a Cabinet meeting, an opposition was expressed to every proposal put forward by a working group under the Ministry of Economics.

Representatives of different companies, organizations, electricity producers and electricity traders, as well as analysts, have met.  Both electricity producers and other discussion participants raised their objections.

Renewable energy producers expressed concern regarding the Ministry’s proposal since these solutions would mean job losses. Without subsidies, the business loses its viability.

Sources: www.db.lv - LV;  www.lsm.lv  - RUS



WEMcoin already on sale

01 August 2018

As we have informed, we issued a payment token of the project, WEMcoin.

You can buy the token on Forkdelta exchange.

See detailed information on the token on WEMcoin page.




On 11 and 12 October, a big exhibition devoted to modern technologies and opportunities will take place in Riga. Among other activities, the exhibition will include Blockchain Conference.

Baltic Blockchain Landscape

Baltic Blockchain Landscape Market Map Ecosystem Cryptocurrency Mining Latvia Estonia Lithuania Latvija Eesti Lietuva @ RIGA COMM Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference



The project has started! 

17 May 2018

The first rigs are installed in a wind plant