Our Team

Sigita Bumeistare
Project lead
Yelena Berendyayeva
Project manager
Jann Ehlvest
Public relationships

Sigita has been working in the management of our company for more than 10 years. She took part in all projects of wind energy station construction. Master’s degree in Philology and continuous personal and professional development help her see not only overall company development strategy, but also go deep into each individual nuance of a project.

Yelena has been working in the renewable energy sector for many years. She uses her 20 year translation experience in the areas of law and technical translation to carry out various projects. An education in the areas of Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Blockchain in the Energy Sector, and Global Resource Politics helps her show her strengths.
Jaan is a Grandmaster of chess. He has worked as a business analyst at Merrill Lynch investment bank in London. An extensive experience of work in international sport organizations and a degree in psychology from the University of Tartu make him an irreplaceable communication specialist.

Girts Lejasmeiers
IT, WEB, Blockchain manager
Dmitry Troshkov
IT, WEB, Blockchain manager
Igor Emelyanov
Blockchain developer
Girts has a long experience of work as a programmer and a service technician. A good command of different programming languages lets him take part in various IT projects. A higher education in programming from Riga Technical University gives him a stable foundation for further development. Dmitry has been working in the IT field for 14 years. He has an experience in IT project management, WEB development and as an IT consultant. Dmitry has worked with multiple sturt-ups. He has got a Diploma in Computer Science from Riga Technical University and an education in Business Management in Digital Environment.
Igor received his higher education at Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University, has been developing smart contracts since mid-2017.

Victor Belov
Lead Blockchain developer
Denis Shilin
Blockchain Adviser

Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, «MATI» - Russian State University of Aviation Technology. Victor has been working on the development of smart contracts and security in the field of blockchain technologies since 2016.

Denis Shilin has got medium polytechnic and higher economic education (The Budget and Treasury Academy). Advisor in the field of smart contracts and ICO since 2017.

Our Partners and Advisers

Our partner on legal matters: Magnusson Law