Green Energy - Green Mining

Green Energy - Green Mining

Green Energy - Green Mining




It is difficult to imagine modern life without electricity - it is needed almost everywhere. However, electricity production has its negative side. The use of fossil energy resources results in rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and, subsequently, climate change. In recent years, rather than decreasing, electrical power consumption continues to grow, and new kinds of consumption appear.

Cryptocurrency mining - an essential for functioning of the network but an extremely energy intensive coin generation process - has become one of such kind. High energy consumption has caused restrictions imposed on mining.

It is clear that the attitude to the use of electricity should be reviewed.  The transition to clean sources is the only possible solution.

At the same time, the renewable electricity producers often face reluctance of bureaucratic entities and political elites, closely related to oil and gas monopolies, to support green electricity production and, in some cases, deliberate intention to impede their development. The possibilities of the producers are limited by the bodies regulating alternative energy sector, new unreasonable requirements are introduced, and the production becomes impossible in principle. Plans to build new green power stations are also called into question, because the political and bureaucratic obstacles connected with oil and gas sector lobbying, limit the freedom of actions of industry members willing to develop green energy production.

The ETB company has been dealing with renewable electricity production in Latvia for a number of years

As a solution of these issues, we consider broadening the scope of activity of our company and creating a model in which renewable electricity is used for cryptocurrency mining, and proceeds from the cryptocurrency sale are invested in further development of renewable electricity production. This model will let explore perspectives for production without state aid. The transition towards such a funding model will considerably improve possibilities of the company and would become an incentive for the development of a new, blockchain-based, electricity production and trade scheme.

The combination of mining and electricity production has an additional advantage. Electrical energy demand within 24 hours is uneven: there are peak demand hours, and there are hours when consumption is low, but production remains the same. Electricity accumulation might resolve the problem. Nevertheless, it is technically impossible to accumulate a great amount of electrical power in order to provide it to the grid later, since there are no sufficiently large, inexpensive, high-performance accumulators that would perform the task and would not affect the electricity price. The alternative is either to reduce production or to create artificial energy consuming facilities. Consuming electrical power at the time when it is not used, mining rigs can effectively serve as such facilities. The imbalance between the demand for and supply is thus regulated through mining, which eventually has a beneficial effect on the electrical grid.



7 wind power stations
Our power stations are located in a favorable to the wind energy production region on the shore of the Baltic sea

Renewable electricity producer
We are convinced of the need to use, first and foremost, accessible and ecologically friendly natural energy resources

4.5 MW installed power
Today, our wind farm power lets produce up to 10,000 MW of green electricity per year

10 years in the industry
Wide and varied experience in electricity production. We have a good experience in working not only with wind turbines but also with solar power stations



Within the project, we intend to increase our renewable resource park capacity and to install containers with mining rigs next to wind power stations.

We offer you the following options:

- your own mining rig collocation on the territory of the wind park;
- use of the wind electricity directly from a producer.

WEMcoin, which is released specially for this purpose, will serve as a means of payment for the services provided by our company.

Detailed information on the token you can find in WEMcoin section

  • Acquisition of mining equipment
  • Increasing the capacity of the wind park and its supplement by solar power stations
  • Renewable electric energy sale and use for cryptocurrency mining
  • Cryptocurrency selling and further development of the project


* Existing wind park – electric energy for mining
* Long-term operational experience
* Transparency of the project – all information about the project is published on our website