Green Energy - Green Mining

Token sale started

Green Energy - Green Mining

Token sale started

Green Energy - Green Mining

Token sale started


About Our Company

Our company - ETB – has been dealing with wind electric energy production in Latvia for more than 10 years.

Project Description

  • Purchase of mining equipment
  • Increasing the capacity of the wind park and its supplement by solar power stations
  • Use of renewable electric energy for cryptocurrency mining
  • Cryptocurrency selling – return of investments and further development of the project

ICO Objecives and Details

ICO objective: fund raising for the further development of wind energy production, through an Ethereum blockchain based token issue

WEM Tokens – Debt Tokens

1 WEM PRICE – 0.001 ETH
Buyback price – 0.0015 ETH

Buyback - in 9 months after the ICO and fund raising
Buyback period - 2 years

Detailed information on our token, possibilities of buying, and buyback you can find under ”Token sale” section.

Allocation of Tokens

ICO Particiants


Bonus Program

Allocation of ICO Funds

If the planned amount is not raised (or bigger amount is raised), the project costs will be reduced or increased proportionally according to the amount of raised funds. The Project will be started within the available amount.

28 % - Purchase of 1.000 ASIC Innosilicon A6 LTC or 2.000 Antminer L3+ and 1.000 Antminer S9

12 % - GPU equipment purchase ( 6.000 GPU Radeon VEGA 64 )

15 % - Construction of solar power stations with installed power of 2 MW

15 % - Project implementation costs (construction, electric installation)

30 % - Increasing the capacity and modernization of the wind park

Reliability of Investments

* Existing wind park – guaranteed electric energy for mining
* Long-term operational experience
* Transparency of the project – you can read all information on our website


More information about our project you can read in whitepaper.
If you have questions, please contact us!