WEM, WEMcoin

To implement the project, ETB has created two tokens - WEM and WEMcoin

WEM is an ERC223 token on the Ethereum platform, which is intended for the distribution within the ICO from 20 March to 20 May 2018

WEM token sale has ended!

WEM was created as a debt token aimed to raise funds to start up the project.

WEM price during the ICO - 0.001 ETH
Buyback price - 0.0015 ETH
Buyback beginning - not later than 1 March 2019, according to the smart-contract

Optionally, WEM owners can exchange their tokens for WEMcoins before the official beginning of the token buyback by contacting us via e-mail.

1 WEM = 1 WEMcoin

WEMcoin is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain

Smart contract address: 0x093af159e4b504fb0962e49260182768b8e54a4e

WEMcoin is a functional token of the project and is intended to serve as:

  • a means of payment for renting a place for mining equipment;
  • a means of payment for renting mining capacities;
  • a means of payment for electricity;
  • a medium of exchange when selling mined cryptocurrency

1 kWh of electricity = 0.1 WEMcoin

WEMcoin is on sale on cryptocurrency exchanges, to date, you can buy or sell WEMcoin on   Forkdelta 

How to sell or buy WEMcoin you can read at FAQ

WEMcoin price will depend on the exchange rates.
WEMcoin rate will be sustained through the funds from the economic activities of the company - electricity production, and mining.